We’re proud to be on the cutting edge
of a sustainable new beginning.

We’re an all-Italian industrial project that believes in a circular economy.
It’s never simple to make objectives converge.
But at CPR System and Lucart, we’ve succeeded in doing just that.
We’ve created a virtuous supply chain, and we found a common mission to found a new company: Newpal.
We opened our company in 2019, using results of a research project that began in 2016. Our ambition was to create a new type of pallet with recycled materials.

Together we create a circular economy

Through our sustainable development project, it is now possible to use secondary raw materials derived from post-consumption and post-production recycling processes.

we’ve created our pallet with secondary raw materials from recycled materials and we’ve reduced environmental impact to a minimum.

A patent for this Italian industrial invention that makes us proud.
A research project that allowed us to reach ambitious goals.


An innovative moulding system

An injection moulding system resulting from all-Italian know-how, that processes homogeneous and/or heterogeneous composite plastic materials from recycling.