About us

we’re proud to be on the cutting edge of a sustainable new beginning.

We’re an all-Italian industrial project that believes in a circular economy.
It’s never simple to make objectives converge.
But at CPR System and Lucart, we’ve succeeded in doing just that.
We’ve created a virtuous supply chain, and we found a common mission to found a new company: Newpal.
We opened our company in 2019, using results from a research project that began in 2016. Our ambition was to create new pallets with recycled materials.
Today, our first pallet was awarded an Italian patent for industrial invention. The production system is completely Made in Italy, and it allows us to use heterogeneous recycled plastic materials and obtain an excellent moulding speed. We’ve automated every production phase to guarantee maximum efficiency and a competitive price.

together we create a circular economy

Through our sustainable development project, it is now possible to use secondary raw materials from post-consumption and post-production recycling processes.
Everything starts from drink cartons like Tetra Pak®.
We start with the carton, made of a bonded multi-layered structure of polyethylene and aluminium (a residue of the recycling process to recover cellulose used by Lucart for its own lines of recycled paper), to make GranPlast.
Newpal uses GranPlast plastic granules to produce resistant sustainable pallets.
CPR System will start using these pallets in their own pooling circuit.
A virtuous production that lines up with the principles of a Circular Economy.

our vision

A circular economy means that industrial activities have as little impact on the environment as possible, as well as opportunities to guarantee efficiency and corporate competitiveness that respect our future. Because the future is already here.

our mission

Our mission is to offer an innovative eco-friendly solution for transporting goods by creating safe, efficient pallets from secondary raw materials deriving from waste materials.
We want to contribute to environmental sustainability by producing packaging that is designed and made to guarantee, throughout its entire life cycle, the transition to a circular economy that is coherent with reducing, reusing, and recycling waste.

our values

we believe in these fundamental pillars

sustainable innovation

We believe in developing innovative solutions that limit waste and reduce our carbon footprint, while creating value for the environment and the business sector.


We believe in the economic and social value of “Made in Italy”.
We believe in quality as a guarantee of market leadership.


We believe that industrial collaboration is crucial for reaching the objectives.
Because projects become more ambitious and doable when we find synergies and work together.

social responsibility

We believe in the social role of companies to create and distribute value, develop communities, and protect the environment.
This is why we invest in medium-long term development models.


Company subject to Management and Coordination CPR System sc (www.cprsystem.it)
and a subsidiary of Lucart SpA (www.lucartgroup.com).

Lauro Guidi

Chairman of the Board of Administration

Guido Pasquini


Roberto Piana